Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is Russell Brand really funny?

The weather man lied. I was promised thunderstorms and a possible end to the relentless heat but the rain failed to materialise, bar a rather pathetic attempt at rain at around 6.

It's been another long day, with endless rounds of photocopying in a sweltering cupboard, cutting and pasting fabrics and other menial tasks. It wouldn't be awful if the air con actually worked, which would hopefully lower the inevitablity of breaking a sweat from just picking up the pinking shears.

Still, another day, another dollar.

Following from yesterday's light bites, Nikki from BB has apparently got her own show coming to E4 entitled Princess Nikki, in which she'll win prizes for carrying out tasks and the such. I'm not entirely sure how good it will be -Chantelle's Dream Dates was in my opinion, a disaster - but you never know, she just might pull it out of the bag.

Whilst we're vaguely circling the topic of Big Brother, I have to ask something that has really bugged me for the last few weeks. That thing is Russell Brand. Does anyone really, truly find him funny? I saw his stand up comedy routine last year during the Paramount Comedy Festival (pre-poncy frilly shirts and and neckerchiefs) and I didn't find him amusing then, I sure as hell don't find him funny now as the presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth. The little monologue that he performs at the beginning of each show seems to follow the same rigid pattern - say something semi-controversial, a flick of the backcombed-to-absurdity hair, a little twirl and then a gag about his bottom, which he sticks out illustriously and at any given opportunity. Cue rampant laughter and applause from the audience, God only knows why.

And I have to say that it's really not much different from his routine that I saw last year, where he appeared with slightly more tame hair and even tighter jeans than those he wears today. Perhaps I am being slightly biased, but there is only so much arse hair that one can look at and so many jokes to be told about it. Whilst the crowd tittered, there weren't really that many moments to make those titters into roars.

Whilst I commend him for pulling his boots up, getting off the smack and shagging Kate Moss, I draw the line at paying £14 for the privilege of watching the same man prance around on stage with his hairy bum hanging out because he thinks its funny.


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