Monday, May 24, 2010

Another 30 Days

Hopefully by now, you've had a good gander over at 30 Days of Flats and hopefully, you've enjoyed it. Following on from the positive response, I've decided to continue with the theme of 30 Days and make it a series. Today, I've started a new chapter, 30 Days of Sun in honour of the lovely weather so lo and behold, let me introduce you to my sunglasses collection:

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm not dead

Contrary to what you may believe from my lack of posts on here, I can confirm that I'm not dead - I just kind of fancied a break from blogging. Okay, more than a break - a sabbatical if you will. Until my break, I'd been blogging continuously for almost a decade in various different forms and I kind of just felt it was time to back away from the computer for a while.

Anyway, there's good news for all of you die hard enthusiasts. While I may not be posting on here very often any more, for the next month I'm doing a little fashion challenge over on tumblr. For thirty days, I will be attempting to wear a different pair of shoes from my collection rather than the same four pairs that I seem to wear over and over. Some of you might remember The Great Shoe Cull of 2009, which will go some way to showcasing my rapid shoe buying habit.

So for the next month, please redirect yourselves over to:

...and I promise that I'll try to come back here soon.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's get festive

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, Monday and La Wintour

Whoops, I forgot to post my link yesterday, sorry. To make up for it, here is a photo of Anna Wintour that I took at today's Jaeger London show as I sat across the shag pile carpet runway from her:

Until I have time to write up my full round up of the week, head over to the Daily Express website for my daily photo blog of LFW:

For Sunday's post, click here

For today's post, click here

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

LFW SS10: Where the hell am I?

You may be puzzled by my disappearance during London Fashion Week. As hardened readers will know, twice a year I relinquish my lacklustre blogging and go hardcore during LFW. However, this year I'm blogging for my work place and unfortunately, I cannot face doing two separate lots of photo editing each night, nor can I write coherently for four hours straight. So I'll make you guys a deal. I'll post links to my official efforts each night and then I'll do a round up of everything next week, when it's all over.

Sound good? Yeah? Great. Now, go read here:

LFW Friday - click here

LFW Saturday - click here

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Friday, September 11, 2009

If Vogue is the Fashion Bible, is Anna Wintour Jesus?

Much has been made of The September Issue, a documentary that follows Anna Wintour and the team at US Vogue, as they put together the most important issue of their publication and by far the biggest issue ever of the fashion magazine. For the last six months, as were gradually drip fed clips and information, my desire to see a film has reached new heights. I had to see it. Many stories abounded of bootleg copies floating around New York and the desparation of fashion editors worldwide to see it.

Having missed every press screening, I was determined to watch it on the opening night and I succeeded, being the first to dash into the Curzon Mayfair’s 8:50pm screening with a friend. For the first time in years, I walked out of a cinema completely inspired. Not since seeing Baz Luhrmann’s take on Romeo and Juliet, have I felt this way and for the record, I believe that the R&J flick feelings had a lot to do with Leonardo DiCaprio and my raging teenage hormones.

The film is has very limited screenings but you can see the London listings here. Sorry, rest of UK, I’m sure your google skills will net you the information you need. If for some reason, you have been living in a dark cave of a mountain in Outer Mongolia for the last six months and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, watch the trailer here.

I am officially in love with Grace Coddington.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bunny Brown 1994 - 2009

On Saturday evening, we said goodbye to our dear elder daschund, Bunny. On Wednesday, he’d stopped eating and we’d presumed that it would be a 24 hour thing, as it often was with him these last six months, as age had begun to take it’s toll and his digestive system wasn’t what it was – he could clear a room with one of his farts (and look very pleased about it too).

By Thursday, he took a turn for the worse and my mother called me at work - I raced home, as did my boyfriend. Late in the evening, fearing the worst, we rushed him to Medivet, a wonderful 24 hour veterinary service in Richmond. It turns out that we were just in time – his temperature was very low and he was about to go into shock. He was placed on a drip to rehydrate him and given hefty doses of antibiotics to combat what was presumed to be a bad gastric infection.

And we waited.

On Friday evening, we went to visit and he looked slightly happier but he still wasn’t all too well but we had a glimmer of hope and we clung to it. Unfortunately, that changed the following morning – he wasn’t getting any better and four days without food was clearly weakening his condition. It was awful to see him in that state and as much as we may have selfishly wanted to keep him alive in some hope that he might get better, we knew it was best to let him go. The same evening, we drove back to the vet’s, who said that it was unlikely he would recover which helped to reassure us that what we were about to do was the best decision. We spent time with him, stroking, hugging and telling him just how much he meant to all of us and then we stayed with him as the vet administered the injection.

Since his passing, the last 48 hours have been awful. The house is incredibly quiet without his incessant barks and our other daschund Holly is miserable, snuffling around and trying to find her constant companion.

It's the small things that break our hearts - coming home and not hearing his distinctive patter of feet, the empty bed, even his collar that he hasn't worn for months that hangs on our coat stand. But as we keep telling ourselves, we must remember the good times and over almost 16 years, there were plenty.

Rest in peace, my beautiful boy.