Monday, August 03, 2009

A tale of two legs

I have never been one of nature's skinny people. Bar a stint for about four years when I was travelling and at university when my metabolism went nuts and sped up resulting in me miraculously losing almost 20lbs (yeah, I would've hated me too), I have always been a little bit squidgy. Not fat per say but defintely with a layer of puppy fat that didn't need to be there.

Last week I decided to take the matter in hand. Having spent months haemorraging money to the gym that rarely made use of, I figured it was time to actually start visiting before my membership expires. Now, I may not be one of nature's skinny people as previously mentioned but I am also not naturally sporty or physically inclined - the thought of jogging is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat and thanks to a dodgy knee that likes to dislocate, I have managed to avoid most sport since I was 15.

But I went; I Powerplated, I crunched and I sweated my little heart out on the cross-trainer (oh, evil machine!) and you know what? I can already see a slight difference. It's miniscule but it's there.

And now, I'm going to help it. You may've read a spate of articles in various newspapers last week about a product called Boob Tube from Mama Mio. It apparently is considered a Wonderbra in a tube and does miraculous things to stop your boobs from sagging. Well, I'm not quite at that stage yet but another one of their products has come to my attention, Shrink to Fit.

Described as boot camp for bulges, because lipo sucks, it says that it's full of "ingredients that will reduce the appearance of cellulite, water retention and sponginess and restore elasticity to significantly improve the appearance of your skin". So, the theory goes that if I rub it into my wobbly bits twice a day for a month, I will soon have the skinny thighs of my 19 year old self. Or so I would like to believe.

Ideally, I would test this solely by itself without the exercise to help it but since I would quite like the aforementioned skinny thighs and time is of the essence (a holiday in September), my body is about to take a double whammy of fat blasting.

To see whether it's actually working, I am willing to measure and post the diameter of my thighs but I draw the line at photos. Nobody needs to see me in my pants as the numbers are bad enough:

Top of thigh - 22"
Mid thigh - 19.5"
Above knee - 15"

Top of thigh - 22.5"
Mid thigh - 20.5"
Above knee - 15 1/4"

My left leg is slightly thinner due to my bad knee which has been cast in plaster and immobilised several times but it'll be interesting to see if there are major variants.

Check back next Monday for the first week's findings.


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