Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shoe fiend

(stands up) My name is Anti and I am a shoe fiend. Today after work some of the girls and I decided to venture up to Oxford Street Primark for a bargain mooch to see if there was anything we could afford on our meagre salaries. After an hour of rummaging through piles of stuff, it took one look at the queues for us to ditch the clothes we'd been lugging and head for the door.

As we disbanded and went our separate ways, my eye was drawn to New Look across the way. For some weeks now, I have been desperate for new shoes. With summer rapidly approaching, my feet have begun sweating in the cheap plastic Primark pumps I've been wearing all winter and the only solution was shoes with natural fabrics. The last pair of leather ballet flats that I bought from New Look were fantastic, so fantastic in fact that I wore them out within weeks from constant wear. So tonight, I absent-mindedly strolled in and before I knew it, I had five pairs in my hands. Now, this may seem excessive to some but I figure that it saves me from coming back again in the not too distant future and buying even more. At least this way, I'm stocked with flats for most of the summer.

I even included a pair of wedges (low ones) to keep under my desk at work for when I need to be in slightly more grown up shoes. I wish I could wear heels every day but when its flat shoes versus high heels and the resulting dislocated knee, its not hard to see why I don't wear heels very often.

As you can see in the picture above, I haven't included the wedges in the photographic evidence of my shoe-aholic habit. First, they need to earn my love, trust and teach me how to walk in them (again). Then I will post about them in all their beautiful metallic leather glory.

I realise I'm putting off posting about the New Cassettes and I really shouldn't. I promise, before the week is out.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

And how was your day?

So, you know those days that totally conspire against you in every single way but to help? Today was one of those days. Over the last week, my work load increased dramatically, to the point where I had to start saying 'No' without actually saying it and I've woken in the middle of the night to figure out how the hell I can deal with it all.

But today, today was the straw that broke the camel's back. And now, as I have no energy and my brain power is somewhat lacking, I will list all of the ways the rest of the world conspired to make my day just that little bit worse:

1. Rain. Rain always complicates stuff. It's usually accompanied by wind, which does stuff like blow the wrong kind of leaves onto the underground tracks.

2. The tube. There is no such thing as a nice journey, stuck in an overcrowded metal tube deep underground with strangers; some of whom smell, others who are clueless tourists and the obligatory man who insists on shoving his armpit in your face. It's a wonder people don't get into more fights.

3. Girl who used to do my job turning up and making me feel very silly, like I couldn't do my job properly.

4. Me, for letting (3) get the better of me.

5. The bus driver who decided that after I'd waited for 20 minutes for said bus, couldn't be arsed to stop despite 20-odd people waving oyster cards at him. I must say, he was also going really fast for a bus. Speed fast. Hmm.

6. The numerous splinters I have managed to acquire in my thumb pad. They hurt but they're so tiny I can't get them out. I've been trying to figure out when I touched splintered wood between the bus and my front door and frankly, I'm drawing a blank.

Maybe I'm bitching too much, there were some nice bits, the little snippets that save you from crawling under the desk and sticking your fingers in your ears. Maybe one day we'll get some new batteries for the radio in the office and the music will return but until then, I'll just keep repeating to myself that its all good practice, that it will make me a stronger person and help me in the long run.

Just so you know, I'd planned to post about this awesome band called the New Cassettes that I saw play last night but my spiralling rage needed nipping in the bud sharpish before I channeled it in a more menacing way, such as tube rage.

I'll be less angry tomorrow, I promise.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Mind Crap - an introduction

Dear Reader, you are about to bear witness to a monumentous occasion in history. This important moment is so important that.. you'll forget about it within minutes. After a particularly brutal Monday, I have elected to include a new post type and subsequent tag. For days such as today, when my brain has ceased to function and the very notion of coherent sentence structure has vanished, I will post mind crap. Quite what mind crap will involve is yet to be established but hopefully eventually a structure will form and we'll figure something out that suits both parties.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

EU burglary

I am most disappointed with Eurovision this year. It is one of my guilty pleasures - watching truly awful music on an EU level. Each country trying to outdo the previous with alternating tacky and supposedly meaningful power ballads.

Watching the semi-finals (too many countries these days) the other night, my boyfriend and I played the '3-words-or-less or bastard-love-child-of' game for each country's contribution. And then came Belgium and my heart was won; this was what Eurovision was all about:

Unfortunately, Belgium were robbed of one of the 10 spots in the finals tonight. Instead, Serbia won with a bunch of overweight plum-dyed-hair women singing pop opera, one of the most disturbing music hybrids. I refuse to post the video and endorse this monstrosity. Belgium was robbed I tell you, ROBBED!

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important notice

If you're not watching Eurovision right now, you'd better turn over RIGHT NOW.

It's rare that I'm militant but nothing can beat the Eurovision song contest.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Aaah, Friday.

Can someone please explain to me why Neighbours suddenly has such a rapid turnover in their cast? Ok, I may've missed 6 weeks but I'm once again horribly out of the loop and confused by the presence of various new characters. Who are these new people? Where have they come from? Is Stingray dead yet? (I'm guessing not, he's still just about in the opening credits.)

It's rare I get to watch Neighbours, unless it's the brief version on youtube but today was slow and I was alone as the work experience was off sick and in silence with a broken radio, so the higher uppers took pity on me and I got let off early, to roam freely through London. I tied up loose ends and skipped out of the door at 4pm, got home just before the rain and even got to watch Newsround.

It's sad that such things excite me these days, really sad.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

She lives

I bet you were all expecting a blizzard of bored blogs from me over the bank holiday weekend, especially after the turning of the weather. Well, twas not the case. We escaped to the coast for a few days and even got to sit on the beach in the sun on Saturday, albeit with freezing gusts of wind whipping at us.

Coming back from the countryside to the city is always a strange experience. On the train up, I watched as rolling hills and fields full of sheep gradually gave way to new build houses and concrete as far as the eye could see. The odd house in the middle of nowhere was replaced with terraced rows and where cows had been, stood queues of cars filled with impatient people.

I may be a city girl born and bred but by god, once in a while its nice to breathe clean air and listen to nothing, just silence.

I think I'm going soft in my old age.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


© adulescent.blogspot.com

A courier told us David Beckham was on Bond Street this afternoon and so like little kids chasing an ice cream van, we ran out of the office and in pursuit of the newly peroxided blonde, who was out shopping. He even stopped to pose but the antcam was playing up so its more like a walk-by photo. You can just about see Victoria tucked behind him, more so if you click to see the full image.

Celeb sighting gold.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I saw this sign in East London today and it made me laugh, so I thought it only fair to share.

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