Saturday, May 12, 2007

EU burglary

I am most disappointed with Eurovision this year. It is one of my guilty pleasures - watching truly awful music on an EU level. Each country trying to outdo the previous with alternating tacky and supposedly meaningful power ballads.

Watching the semi-finals (too many countries these days) the other night, my boyfriend and I played the '3-words-or-less or bastard-love-child-of' game for each country's contribution. And then came Belgium and my heart was won; this was what Eurovision was all about:

Unfortunately, Belgium were robbed of one of the 10 spots in the finals tonight. Instead, Serbia won with a bunch of overweight plum-dyed-hair women singing pop opera, one of the most disturbing music hybrids. I refuse to post the video and endorse this monstrosity. Belgium was robbed I tell you, ROBBED!

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