Thursday, May 17, 2007

And how was your day?

So, you know those days that totally conspire against you in every single way but to help? Today was one of those days. Over the last week, my work load increased dramatically, to the point where I had to start saying 'No' without actually saying it and I've woken in the middle of the night to figure out how the hell I can deal with it all.

But today, today was the straw that broke the camel's back. And now, as I have no energy and my brain power is somewhat lacking, I will list all of the ways the rest of the world conspired to make my day just that little bit worse:

1. Rain. Rain always complicates stuff. It's usually accompanied by wind, which does stuff like blow the wrong kind of leaves onto the underground tracks.

2. The tube. There is no such thing as a nice journey, stuck in an overcrowded metal tube deep underground with strangers; some of whom smell, others who are clueless tourists and the obligatory man who insists on shoving his armpit in your face. It's a wonder people don't get into more fights.

3. Girl who used to do my job turning up and making me feel very silly, like I couldn't do my job properly.

4. Me, for letting (3) get the better of me.

5. The bus driver who decided that after I'd waited for 20 minutes for said bus, couldn't be arsed to stop despite 20-odd people waving oyster cards at him. I must say, he was also going really fast for a bus. Speed fast. Hmm.

6. The numerous splinters I have managed to acquire in my thumb pad. They hurt but they're so tiny I can't get them out. I've been trying to figure out when I touched splintered wood between the bus and my front door and frankly, I'm drawing a blank.

Maybe I'm bitching too much, there were some nice bits, the little snippets that save you from crawling under the desk and sticking your fingers in your ears. Maybe one day we'll get some new batteries for the radio in the office and the music will return but until then, I'll just keep repeating to myself that its all good practice, that it will make me a stronger person and help me in the long run.

Just so you know, I'd planned to post about this awesome band called the New Cassettes that I saw play last night but my spiralling rage needed nipping in the bud sharpish before I channeled it in a more menacing way, such as tube rage.

I'll be less angry tomorrow, I promise.



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