Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shoe fiend

(stands up) My name is Anti and I am a shoe fiend. Today after work some of the girls and I decided to venture up to Oxford Street Primark for a bargain mooch to see if there was anything we could afford on our meagre salaries. After an hour of rummaging through piles of stuff, it took one look at the queues for us to ditch the clothes we'd been lugging and head for the door.

As we disbanded and went our separate ways, my eye was drawn to New Look across the way. For some weeks now, I have been desperate for new shoes. With summer rapidly approaching, my feet have begun sweating in the cheap plastic Primark pumps I've been wearing all winter and the only solution was shoes with natural fabrics. The last pair of leather ballet flats that I bought from New Look were fantastic, so fantastic in fact that I wore them out within weeks from constant wear. So tonight, I absent-mindedly strolled in and before I knew it, I had five pairs in my hands. Now, this may seem excessive to some but I figure that it saves me from coming back again in the not too distant future and buying even more. At least this way, I'm stocked with flats for most of the summer.

I even included a pair of wedges (low ones) to keep under my desk at work for when I need to be in slightly more grown up shoes. I wish I could wear heels every day but when its flat shoes versus high heels and the resulting dislocated knee, its not hard to see why I don't wear heels very often.

As you can see in the picture above, I haven't included the wedges in the photographic evidence of my shoe-aholic habit. First, they need to earn my love, trust and teach me how to walk in them (again). Then I will post about them in all their beautiful metallic leather glory.

I realise I'm putting off posting about the New Cassettes and I really shouldn't. I promise, before the week is out.

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