Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Light bites

It's hot outside and I'm far to sweaty to even consider being vaguely coherent for long passages, so today's installment will be what I like to call light bites.

- Where's Wally Anti?

You may've noticed my absence, you may not have. I spent a very long weekend in Brighton for my graduation and the ball. It was all very exciting, I got to dress up in a giant black Darth Vader-style cape, complete with a hideous orange shoulder ribbon type thing and lets not forget the mortar board. My friends and I all shared the same blind terror at being pushed out onto the stage to shake hands with Richard Attenborough (Who is our University's chancellor) before collecting our degrees from a steward and being ushered back to our seats in a somewhat shell shocked manner. Oddly, none of us have a clear memory of the moment and it's a big blur. Must be the trauma of it all.

Dorky pictures to follow when I can be arsed to upload them.

- Speaking of Darth Vader...

My boss beat her all time record today for sniping comments. I was astonished (and slightly worried) the first week when there were none, but then last week they started to trickle through and I relaxed a little, there no body snatchers in the room. Of course, the momentum grew. And grew. Yesterday she held out til 11:43am, almost noon. But today, she has set a new record: 9:11am. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new champion. And as tempting as it is to snipe back, I will resist all urges and rise above it with a smile and a 'Yes, boss.'

- BB's Nikki

Old news now I know but I am still reeling from Friday's eviction. When Nikki first went into the house, the manic tantrums and arm waving made me pray for an early eviction for the little blonde. But time, boring other housemates and sympathetic editing gradually won me over. I will miss her storming into the diary room to rant about the air conditioning/who stole her last beer/anything and all of her other eccentricities. If you're one of the guilty parties who voted for her, shame on you. You just spoilt BB for the rest of us.

Right, my coherency is running out. I shall stop before I stop making sense. If I ever was.


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