Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sweat it out

Today was better, but only marginally so. In many ways, it should probably be considered to suck more as I had to spend 5 hours in the midday traffic in the very centre of town, sweating profusely and breathing in the traffic fumes.

Then of course, I fucked up apparently and despite having missed lunch and driven like a lunatic in order to get the goods back on time, I couldn't pick up my phone to when someone rang to inform me of a further stop as I was driving at 70 mph at the time.

Bleugh. I'm just glad I have my car. The very idea of using public transport in this weather makes me break a sweat. I know that ladies are meant to glow rather than sweat, but on a day like today, with temperatures breaking the 34°C mark in town, there ain't nothing to do but sweat. Tomorrow is meant to be even hotter and I'm running out of ways to reduce the amount of clothing I wear to work without having to resort to a bikini or public indecency.


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