Saturday, July 08, 2006

What ever happened to my freedom?

So, the prodigal daughter returns home. After almost four years of living out in the big wide world, I have returned to the realm of my mother. Whilst I'm happy to finally be away from the filth of shared kitchens and mouldy bathrooms, I have - in the few short hours that I have been home - already begun to miss the freedom afforded by student accomodation almost 100 miles away from home.

However, needs (mainly my overdraft) be and I have a job to start on Monday. Steering away from this depressing topic, in the course of unpacking this evening I came across an old notebook that I used in my time at university. In amongst the lecture notes and the vast amount of doodles, I found a page of nonsense that I wrote during the summer between my first and second year. My gut feeling was that it was probably the night my flatmate at the time and I decided to indulge in a spot of shroomage to wile away the balmy night. Anyway, for your entertainment, something from the anti archives (7/10/04):

Water bottles sprung up in little huddles across my wooden floor like small colonies, each with its own leader and battle plan. Even the empty orange juice cartons - left festering over the hot summer had somehow congregated together in their own union under the shelter of the overhang from the laundry basket.

Planning their next attack, invasion. They could easily overpower the lone Ribena bottle that lolled against the side of the bed, within reach for a late night sugar fix.

Or instead, there was always the glass collectives. A rag-tag bunch of heathens - mainly mugs with two day old tea and cups with the dregs of mouldy juice in them. The bacteria in those alone could have rivalled the OJ, their stationery position hidden by the hamper had given them plenty of time to develop cultures of their own.

And any day now - perhaps even Tuesday - it is predicted, ney, FEARED that across the land, or at least on the floor, that the cartons will mobilise.

But until then, we wait.

Yes, its gibberish I know. But I have to keep myself amused somehow.


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