Thursday, August 17, 2006

Find Elvis, Get Rich

I wish I had something interesting to post about but bar a rather harrowing car journey through Slough as I tried to find the B&Q with only the directions "straight, right at the roundabout, straight, right at the next roundabout but watch out, it's got a road going through it." What. The. Fuck? How is a roundabout still a roundabout when it has another road running through the middle of it?!

Anyway, I discovered the biggest industrial estate I've ever seen, found the B&Q and after much traipsing around, managed to get everything on my list. Very exciting. Then I ate a happy meal in my car. Wild day.

More exciting news: find Elvis, get $3 million. My bet's on an island in Fiji, in a bungalow between Tupac and L. Ron Hubbard.



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