Friday, September 15, 2006

How did it come to this?

I'm not quite sure where I lost my social life but I think it was sometime not too long ago. Whilst I can shrug off weekday drinks with a quick flashback to one 6am start with a hangover, I hate knowing that somewhere out there my friends are having fun without me - they and I both resigned to the fact that I am now a hermit for much of the weekend. I venture out on Saturday nights, providing I haven't spent the other part of Saturday trying to sort out the rest of my life.

And so it has come to this. 5ive's The All Star Talent Show, featuring the likes of Jodie Marsh, Andy Scott-Lee and other 'celebrities' singing, dancing and doing magic tricks. The best part was probably when the screen showing clips of performances broke and Andi Peters kicked it. And only then because I am inherently sentimental about Andi Peters from when I was a kid and watched him in the broom cupboard on BBC1. (Note to the writers, the overuse of smooth is not funny.) However, I must add my kudos to Jodie Marsh; I missed her first performance tonight but I did catch her winning turn around the floor and I was reasonably impressed.

It has occured to me over the last few days that the only thing I ever blog about these days is TV. Am I really that sad?



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