Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I fell in love with kids' tv

©BBC 2006

As you may've noticed, I'm back. A combination of factors ranging from a 12 hour day to a temporarily live-in boyfriend meant that I had little want (nor access) to my laptop or any computer for that matter - bar the five minutes a day that I could sneak in the office over lunch.

Now, the boyfriend has gone home and I have much more sociable working hours, at least Monday to Wednesday, as I help my aunt, pulling outfits at a costume warehouse and translating where needs be. It means that I leave the house at 9:30am, am back by 6pm and get to watch TV past 10pm for a few nights without the punishment of sleep deprivation the next day. Unfortunately, it's only one more day and then it's back to the harsh reality of getting up at 6am and returning at nightfall on Thursday.

The recent lack of hours has allowed me to feed my Neighbours addiction, even if it is only the second half. Yesterday, I also had the delight of being able to watch another episode of Evacuation, where a bunch of modern day city kids are stripped of their hoodies, mobiles and 20th Century paraphenalia and forced to wear sack cloth in a 1940s parallel universe somewhere on the Norfolk border. I saw the first episode last Monday, when they arrived at the gates of another dimension a farmhouse. I was instantly smitten and equally saddened by the fact that I wouldn't get to see any more of the show until I struck kiddie programming gold yesterday.

A week on and its amazing to see the change in all of them. After being introduced to the world of horse powered plowing, one proclaims that the activity is "one of those things thats in the top ten of things to do before you die". Even the token posh girl enthuses about how fun the countryside is. Shocking. I would've thought that they'd be crying for coke and suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of texting. Apparently not but once in a while, I like to be proven wrong. Anyway, I should stop simpering about reformed ASBO youths, they're only harmless now because of the sack cloth.


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