Thursday, September 14, 2006

The mysterious ways of the world

Sometimes, just when you're absolutely convinced that everything is normal, fine and dandy with the universe, someone or something throws you a curve ball. Today's curve ball is Jennifer Aniston being voted Best Dressed by the readers of People Magazine, top ten below:

1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Halle Berry
3. Jessica Alba
4. Beyonce
5. Eva Longoria
6. Charlize Theron
7. Kate Moss
8. Christina Aguilera
9. Jessica Simpson
10. Kate Hudson

Whilst I salute Ms Aniston for her stylish nature, I cannot help but wonder how she's best dressed. Her style hasn't changed noticeably in the last 5 years, there's no evolution in her wardrobe; she just sticks to CalvinCalvinCalvin. In terms of personal taste, I find her a bit preppy and wholesome looking but I guess that this is the image that has pleased the Middle America demographic and thus it shall stay.

Elizabeth Sporkin seems to have a very different opinion on the matter, describing Aniston:
"She has a fashion sense that is very accessible..she wears jeans and T-shirts and blazers. She dresses like a regular person, and her evening wear, if you were going to an event, you would think you could really dress like her."

I'm sorry but accessibility and being able to buy the same outfit in a department store do not a style icon make. The art of dressing is a quest into how to put things together, how to carry them. Not to look as if you're any regular lady who might lunch. We want to emulate, not duplicate. Hence, Kate Moss is the setter of a thousand trends.

Maybe its simply a matter of public taste, I personally could never imagine a universe where Jessica Simpson would appear in this top ten either but clearly in the States, its a different story.

odd fashion rant over.


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