Monday, October 09, 2006

Ken Livingstone must be stopped

It's rare that I post twice in one day but then, it's also rare that I have the opportunity to mindlessly surf the web. However, today, what with my bout of flu-ishness I've had ample opportunity and in many ways, I wish I hadn't because now I am FURIOUS.

Bumming around on the Transport for London website, I stumbled across this. It seems that Livingstone, our dear hated mayor, has decided to ignore the wishes of West Londoners and extend the bloody congestion charge even further, all the way to Shepherd's Bush. Being a West Londoner, I am furious that as of February 2007, I will no longer be allowed to venture beyond the Shepherd's Bush roundabout without forking out £8 for the privilege of driving in my city.

It amazes me that this man can single handedly rip money from our wallets, change traffic lights to suit his ideas of congestion and generally fuck us about whichever way he wishes. Of course, if you live in the area that has been man-handled into the congestion charge zone, all is well and you get a 90% discount but living one and a half miles down the road (as I do), you will get royally shafted by this balding idiot. Is it not bad enough that this political turd has wasted £24 million of taxpayers money on the failed West London Tram initiative that noone wanted except this twat? The man has no right to call himself a Londoner, at least not on the west side, where he seems determined to wrench as much money as humanly possible from us, in order to fund his plans in East London. It's worth reading this, to see how little Mr Livingstone gives a shit about what the people who live and work in this area think:

"The consultation carried out in April 2004 showed that 72% of businesses and 62% of all 102,000 respondents were against the scheme." - John Lewis Partnership

"The consultation procedure is entirely flawed. No notice has been taken of the chorus of disapproval from Kensington Borough. The Mayor goes ahead in an undemocratic manner like Chaucescau or Mussolini performing his pattern on an unwilling public." - The Kensington Society

Someone do me a favour and run the mayor over. Preferrably with a gas-guzzling SUV that hasn't paid its CC charge and has only one passenger in it.

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