Monday, October 02, 2006

Minor gripe

So, today, on one of my dubious and slightly harrowing trips to Slough Industrial Estate (this time in search of rock salt), I ended up in Homebase, my last possibility in this daunting micro climate of superstores and outlets. Alas, there was no rock salt; but on the way to the gardening centre bit, I came across this alarm clock. Figuring that I would treat myself in order to relieve my phone of this duty and thus, banish the noise of strong vibration right by my head, which was beginning to drive me slightly potty. So, I figured, what the hell, new alarm clock*.

In went my debit card, out came £9.99 and a happy customer (I added to my happiness later by buying candyfloss in the car park but that's another tale altogether). I got it back to the office and decided to test it out. I teased out the batteries, stuck them in the appropriate places and ta-dah!, working alarm clock.

Or at least, so I thought. I came back from lunch and went to fiddle with it. However, the fiddling was not to be as something was clearly wrong. To save more griping and cut a long and boring anecdote a little shorter, it had managed to break itself, untouched by anyone's grubby little hands. So tomorrow, I must venture back to Homebase and see if I can swap it.

I realise now that I could've written about something much more interesting, like my weekend in Brighton. But that wouldn't be fun, gushing about how nice it was to see my mates, etc etc.

And lo, Ranting Anti returneth!

*Note: this is how exciting my life is now, a new alarm clock. I think I need a hobby.



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