Monday, November 06, 2006

Catch me (up) if you can

small town

It's been a busy few days in ant-land, missioning it back and forward between the studio and Soho to pick up bits and pieces. On one trip in on Thursday I saw the Make me a Supermodel girls and boys lurking on St Martin's Lane after they'd finished a shoot. I got some very snooty looks from one or two as I piled out of a black cab right in front of them, with a cavalcade of bags tumbling after me. On the same stretch of road, I also saw Jonathan Ross' wife, Jane (?) who was talking into a mobile phone while swinging her pinky/red hair around.

Come the weekend, I finally had time to breathe and go shopping, although admittedly it was only Primark. I spent an hour trawling for a size 8-10 sequin dress and was about to give up when I finally came across one. And Anti rejoiced. Although, I have nowhere to wear it to at the moment, sadly. So for the moment, it will have to hang in my crammed wardrobe.

Although, the real excitement lay in the evening's activities, namely going to the Astoria to see Enter Shikari, PenknifeLovelife, semi-colon open bracket and some other random band who I didn't actually see. And in case you're interested, Penknife have a new single out on Small Town Records. Yes, that's a blatant plug but that's the Small Town boys in the picture above, standing on the stage at the Astoria - something everyone got a little excited about... Okay, maybe just me.

Right. I think we're all up to date. A boring, navel gazing blog it may have been but these days, I always feel as if I'm seriously lacking in either time or brain capacity to discuss anything vaguely important such as Saddam Hussein's guilty verdict, the American mid-term elections, the global warming crisis or the fact that Neighbours STILL doesn't have an omnibus.

Now, I bet you're all eagerly awaiting the next installment of Anti-powered drivel that I'm bound to serve up.



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