Sunday, November 19, 2006

The curse of Yahoo! strikes

Sometimes, I wish had more disposable income to just chuck around, buying endless storage on my own domain. You may've noticed that all but a few of the images have suddenly decided to up sticks and instead display a blank canvas with that annoying little square and cross in the corner. Maybe I screwed up my code was my first thought but I checked it, no faults there. And then I checked my geocities, where I generally upload all of the images I post on here. And everything appears to have disappeared. Panic. Clickclickclick, phew it's back.

Just those bastards trying to scare me. I click on a file and am told it's unavailable. Network problem? No. Apparently, I have committed the heinous web crime of exceeding my data transfer limit and therefore, I have been sent to the equivalent of the naughty step in cyber space.

I don't know how long this lasts for, I'm hoping that they'll be back up by tomorrow although god only knows with these tyrannical bastards.


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