Sunday, November 19, 2006

My camera is quite shit, really.

So, I'm not very good at keeping up with this whole blogging thing these days, am I? I loll around for a few days, get a sudden burst of guilt that I'm letting my brain degenerate into mush and hop back onto the keyboard. As we all know, I'll stick to it for a week or two then suffer an attack of laziness one evening, that if not taken care of immediately, can lead to anything up to a month of me not-being-arsed.

Last week's absence was triggered by Tuesday's outing to see Incubus at the Astoria. Then, on Wednesday, I was still too tired. By Thursday, all aspiring blog topics had been rendered relatively obselete and so the cycle continued.

However, today is Sunday (you probably already knew that) and I really have no excuse. Unfortunately, Tuesday's a long time ago and as such, most of the initial rush of seeing one of my favourite bands has somewhat worn off. For me, coming out of a gig is like waking from a dream. There is something surreal about being crammed into a sweaty auditorium with 2000 other people, most of them probably slightly pissed. Once the overpoweringly loud music starts up, the fans start singing along and the bright colourful stage lights have all but blinded you, there's only the obligatory kick to the head to be administered by the bloke crowd surfing over you. Then, that's it. The darkness and the drink soon lull you into a shared waking dream and you barely notice the fat man drenched in other people's sweat from the mosh pit pressing past you.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, here are some pictures. My digital camera is slowly starting to give up the ghost and is worryingly starting to be out stripped by some camera phones on the market. I have since inherited a slightly better one, stress on the slightly.

my camera flash clearly considers peoples' arms more interesting than Brandon Boyd. I beg to differ, although I'm not so sure about his new hair cut.

I didn't notice the random pair of crowd surfing legs in the bottom right hand side of this picture until I uploaded it. It's not technically a good picture, none of these are but the legs make me giggle, so ha.

Brandon's back tattoo, blurry and again, awful picture but squint and leer, ladies.

And thus ends the Incubus adventure in pictures. I would post more of them but they're all mainly lots of the backs of peoples' heads since I'm short and my zoom's shit. I did get a few good video clips but I'd probably receive a nasty letter ordering me to take them down and I don't have the inclination to deal with lawyers as well as all of the crap real life throws at me already.



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