Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Red Ken strikes again

Those who know me will probably know that there are few times that I will use the word cunt to describe someone or something and that the ugly word only leaves my lips in extreme situations. Those who know that will probably also be aware of my hatred for the man currently in charge of our glorious capital, one Ken Livingstone. I am now about to link those two facts together in one sentence, a sentence that has long been bandied around in the quiet of my mind but now longs to escape.

Ken Livingstone is a cunt.

But I'm sure you already knew that. Having spent £600,000 of tax payers' money on airfare alone for his Cuban holiday failed 'business' trip, trying to score cheap oil for London from Venezuela, this morning it emerged that he's already blown £1,000,000 on consultations for the West London Tram, which in grand tradition, he plans to ignore completely.

There is a reason that most of West London voted Tory. That reason is that we don't want a bloody tram. It's not a case of 'scare mongering' as Red Ken claims, simply put, we. Don't. Want. It. Apart from the fact that it would involve digging up half of West London, would divert traffic down otherwise quiet residential streets and only run at 6mph (meaning most people could walk quicker). Like we need another form of public transport for the local yobs to graff all over.

Red Ken, of course, claims that it would cut congestion (where have we heard that before?!) and allow for a more harmonious Uxbridge road. I doubt it. You're not going to get people out of their cars and onto trams, matey.

I think I should probably end this tirade now, lest I get over enthusiastic in my dark thoughts towards this buffoon of a man because we all know I could be here all day, criticising his ridiculous plans.

This is one west Londoner who isn't impressed.

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