Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another listless day

So much for my resolve to actually make something of this blog. I have all these wild notions that I'll post every day, I do it for a week and then my resolve wanders off, hand in hand with the ideas portion of my frontal lobe. Well, Tuesday I couldn't really, as I was busy watching Incubus at the Astoria (which was great, pictures coming later this evening or whenever I succeed in pulling my finger out).

And of course, once one is derailed, it's very easy to stay that way. Owing to the lack of anything substantial to do at work, I've once again returned, with hopes of alleviating at least some of the boredom that seems to spiral its way through my days but even blogging seems somewhat uninteresting when I'm not full of fury over something or other.

The one potentially-exciting-but-not-really thing that happened to me today was seeing who I thought was George Michael walking down Kensington High Street. The dude looked exactly like him but as it was only 11am and rich people don't need to get up that early, there's every chance it wasn't him and just someone who wants desperately to look like him.

Enough time wasting, time to do something productive, like read Heat magazine.


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