Thursday, November 09, 2006

Soul swelling

Another day, another chase across London, loading up on goodies as I went. Trekking along Bayswater Road on foot today, I had what one can only describe as a soul swelling moment. As I stopped to examine a bus stop map to see if I could get where I was going any faster with my trusty Oyster, I turned around and my eyes scanned across Hyde Park - the square with the fountains and all of the greenery, slowly turning to an autumn palette, the sun high in the clear sky. God, I'm whipping out cliches left, right and centre, but it was just beautiful. Unfortunately, being only equipped with my camera-phone and challenged by all of the white vans, taxis and buses that race up and down the street, the above picture is the only one that came out without a motor vehicle obstructing the view. Hence, no pictures of the fountain or long stretches of green. Instead, one has an orange-leaved tree.

A semi-exciting thing happened to me on the way back. Driving back through Holland Park, I was sat in front of a yellow box junction at some traffic lights when I looked up from studying my nails and Ian Brown was looking at me as he crossed in front of my car. It took me about two or three seconds to click who he was and by the time I'd considered getting out my phone, he'd disappeared across and up the road.

Oh well. Just know I'm watching you Ian, and next time I'll be ready.