Monday, November 13, 2006

Tales of the unexpected

There are some things in life that take you completely by surprise and none more so than coming face to face with a would be burglar*.

Saturday night, we come home around 2am and go through to the kitchen. As I deliberated on what to use as filling, I noticed that the security light had come on at the side of the house. Expecting to see a cat or maybe an urban fox making their way along our pathway, I was rather more surprised by the startled eyes of what I imagine was a potential burglar, sulking his way round and scanning for ways in. Unfortunately for him and very fortunately for us, I am naturally a curious city creature and country style animals - such as foxes - still intrigue me. So, naturally when the security light popped on, I went running to the doors. It's a strange experience to lock eyes with someone who you quickly come to realise wants to steal from you.

The burglar theory was further confirmed by the way he turned and sprinted back from whence he came, scrambling across our neighbours' bikeshed and out onto the street to disappear into the night. Police were called and I must applaud them for arriving reasonably quickly. Slight Diversion - unlike the incident with my car, when it took them a good 6 hours to show, although it was their equivalent of CSI and hence, terribly dramatic. End Diversion.

Funnily enough, our teenage next door neighbour initially thought the scumbag was one of my friends, seeing as he wasn't really dressed as one would expect (ie all in black) but rather, one of the those in the back from Blazin' Squad. I also thought the guy could be a friend of our neighbours' sneaking in for a laugh. Until he ran and jumped the shed.

And whilst that son of a bitch still roams the streets, I at least take comfort in the fact that I didn't give him the opportunity to burgle us. So, HA! Mr Burglar Man, HA!

* - Actually there are much more surprising things. Not all of them great. Today, it took me four hours to get to work, when it should've taken me twenty minutes. A hideous accident somewhere had shut pretty much the entire motorway down. The joys of Monday.



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