Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Can't see, shan't see.

The last few days have been blisteringly cold. We're talking a drop from 12°C on Monday to -2°C today. The sudden cold has also brought on a thick, soup-like fog that makes driving anywhere a bitch as there's always some knob who thinks he can still break the national speed limit but ends up rear ending someone else who isn't. Cue horrific traffic everywhere. The M25 around Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent was described by one caller to Capital FM as "Just like Independence Day when everyone tries to leave town...Just not moving at all." I know the picture above doesn't really show the extent of the fog but I didn't want my neighbours to think I was a nutter taking pictures of them so I couldn't use flash.

However, the cold does have benefits. Such as this frozen spiderweb that was hanging outside the back entrance to my office.

I figured it would melt before my next cigarette break but the temperature stayed firmly around zero and I could come out and marvel at it a little more. Unfortunately, there was no way to photograph it without an ugly background. It was a green door or concrete. I chose the green door, figuring it was as close to greenery as we were going to get in the concrete jungle that is my workplace.

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