Friday, December 15, 2006

December roundup

I had such grand plans for the week (actually, longer) absence that I've incurred recently. I was going to finally get round to changing the layout, tidy up all of the posts and upload some new stuff. Have I done any of the above?

Of course not.

Well, actually, I did add a few tags in the new updated version of blogger but I quickly got bored of doing that and wandered off to do something else, as is typically the case. So I guess we're back to where we started so I should offer some reasoning by way of apology for my shiteous blogging behaviour.

I spent the first week of December on location in the middle of a field trying not to get blown over by gale force winds or die of boredom. However, when you have six tonnes of fake snow and vast amounts of time at your disposal, there are always ways of keeping yourself occupied, such as fake snow angels and removing fake snow from various cracks and crevices. I would have pictures to show but unfortunately the confidentiality contracts we all signed mean that we're not even meant to have cameras on location. Of course, everyone does but posting said pictures would probably get me fired and blacklisted. Even though I only have a week left, I figure its just not worth the hassle of a lawsuit from the bigwigs.

I got to escape the delights of backwater England and return to the civilisation of London for my 23rd, although frankly, I needn't have bothered. Most of my friends were shit and couldn't muster up enough time/energy/interest to bother coming out for my birthday drinks so a small group of us went and got absolutely hammered, ending up at Madame Jojo's in Soho, which really didn't impress me as much as I'd hoped.

As you can see, at the beginning of the night, we all looked fairly normal, sobre and respectable.

But the spiral of alcoholic mess was quick to kick in and by the end of the night, this was as pretty as it got. Somehow, my boyfriend manages to still look normal, sobre and respectable, whereas I resemble a gargoyle that's been dipped and marinated in a barrel of Jack Daniels.

In completely unrelated news, I was browsing the Mirror's website today when this caught my attention:

The answer's YES.

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