Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mcjob Prospects

Tis the Sunday before Christmas, I didn't get up until noon and I thought I should take advantage of my blog mentality before it slips away in a puff of Sunday lethargy and newspapers.

One of the first things I read today was Time magazine's Person of The Year 2006...You (as posted on I often wonder if I'm alone in my hobby-quest and the article made me feel a little less weird. If there's some dude denying himself Lost to make films starring his Iguana, then I'm definitely the less weird of the two, spending 10 or 20 minutes to write a post about something inane that probably won't be read by more than five people. I admit, that sometimes at work, I'll dedicate an hour of my time to kicking back in my chair and mentally composing a post, only to forget it in the rush of lunch or the dizzying activity of making tea and coffee for everyone.

However, I finish my job on the 22nd and then, I'm giving myself the month of January to find something new or else, I may be forced to apply for a McJob. Bored curiousity (and the sight of a Big Mac) led me to the McDonalds site a few nights ago. In one of my filthy nihilistic moods, I decided to humour/torture myself by clicking on their McJobs section. However, rather than be repulsed outright by the prospect of smelling like Mcchip fat and burgers for 40 hours a week, I found myself being drawn in against my will. Mccompany car - Mini Cooper, nice. McPension plan - can't see Mcdonalds going bust now that fat people can't sue them anymore. Mcnice wages - lots and lots of shoes.

Thankfully, I pulled myself back sharply and reasoned that I had not spent the last three years doing a degree to sell burgers for a living. I know someone's got to do it but that someone ain't being me.

For the love of God, someone hire me before I'm reduced to this.



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