Friday, December 29, 2006

Shoe sickness

All women have an accessory weakness of some sort. For some, it's jewellery; for others, it's shoes. For me, it has always been bags. There's something about a beautiful handbag that sends my knees a-quivering and a certain giddyness through my being. Many of my mother's friends had presumed that I would follow in the footsteps of my mother, whose shoe collection could rival that of Imelda Marcos (I'm not kidding).

However, a genetic fault in my collagen means that I'm very bendy and wearing heels is not only very painful but can make me dislocate various joints. Thus, the stilleto and I have never cultivated a relationship, which is a shame really because there are some truly beautiful shoes in my mother's wardrobes downstairs, just waiting to be worn.

Instead, I spent most of the last three years clomping around in the many variations of the Converse Chuck Taylor (I would like to point out that I have clomped with a succession of beautiful bag on my arm). Then ballet slippers came into fashion, as did Primark and thus, my love of foot friendly but beautiful shoes was re-aligned by the fashion gods. My wardrobe is now stuffed to bursting with £8 pairs of ballet shoes in every hue, fabric and variation possible, along with many pairs of Topshop's sole beauties.

Unfortunately, my shoe luck has not continued with the season shift. So far, my boot endeavours for cold weather have not been as successful and I've only got one pair of winter biker boots that aren't Uggs. I have been trying to hunt down a pair of BLACK Gola Moon/Snow Boots for the past six months or so, but as yet I've been unsuccessful. Here's a picture that I stole off some ebay listing of the boots I want (in Black, not the neon pink pictured. Remember that.):

wanted dead or alive but only in black

In the meantime, these are the boots I crave and which no Topshop seems to have in stock. A carefully planned shopping mission to Oxford Street will be executed in the New Year.

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