Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lessons from a cold snap

In that true British tradition, tonight's first awkward topic is the weather. It's far too cold. This morning as I walked to the station I watched my hands turn from normal to red and then finally, blue (my first mistake of the day, no gloves). It wasn't any better during the day and by the evening, I was considering payin £10 for a cab home, just purely to avoid the biting chill of the great outdoors. My stupidity in not following through with the idea was magnified when I had to sprint for a bus on the way from the tube station. I would like to point out that I am what some would say 'not the sporting type' and they're right. I don't run if I don't have to and even the I have to pause and think about it. To top it off, I had leather soled boots on - not ideal when running on icy pavements.

It was so cold that it felt like I a human throat kebab as I ran to make the bus. That harsh, rasping hateful pain that only running in the cold quickly made itself apparent and I spent the entire bus journey - with it's sudden heat - trying to restore my lungs and throat before facing the cold walk home at the other end.

It's not been a good day. So tomorrow, no matter what, I'll be wearing my toastiest uggs. I will not run for a bus again, albeit in the rubber soled gods of cosiness. No, I will walk, wrapped in far more layers and with GLOVES.

And tomorrow we'll probably suffer a sudden unexplainable heat wave.



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