Thursday, January 25, 2007

Momma's a spend thrift

So, being broke, I'm not meant to spend money. But the recent cold weather drove me to seek the comfort of the giant Topshop for the improbable purchase of new sunglasses. Despite the blistering cold for the last 48 hours, the sun was out for most of today and the spring-like feeling drove my craving for the Oliver Peoples sunglasses that we have in the cupboard in the overdrive. Since they're somewhere around £200, I figured I'd be better off getting Topshop knock-offs. I didn't buy the ones I wanted because they didn't have them. Logic would dictate it's best to wait patiently for a new stock delivery but let's face it, this is Topshop and chances of getting hold of a pair are slim-to-none.

So instead, I bought these babies:

I thought that the oversized vintage feel needed to be presented in black and white, although the glasses are actually a dark brown. I'm now hoping for a reprieve from the snow yesterday:

Today was better but still icily cold. I don't mind that much, as it means I have a legitimate excuse to wear Uggs to work.

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