Thursday, January 04, 2007

So much for the salad

sparkly (fat) ass

Happy 2007*. No doubt you've all fallen off the resolution wagon by now and the cigarettes are back, the gym membership has been forgotten (or yet to be used) and those midweek drinks that you swore off are already chilling in the fridge. Am I right?

Personally, I'm not big on New Years' resolutions but as always, I've been goaded into them by those around me. However, I've decided to keep it loose and go with 'try to be a better person' and 'eat more salad'. So far, the second isn't going too well but I put part of that down to not having been to the supermarket yet.

In other news, now that my old job as a costume assistant has run it's course, I've been doing work experience in the fashion cupboard at a glossy womens' magazine. It's only been two days but so far, I've really enjoyed it. It's fairly similar to certain aspects of my old job but only with prettier clothes, nicer people and normal hours. I cannot explain what working normal hours does for my mood. I practically skip to work, barely noticing the crush of the tube and the chilly morning air. It's really rather refreshing to walk through the front door with a smile on my face rather than frowning and grunting.

Anyway, enough sunshine and light, you were probably expecting me to rant. I'm sure something will come up soon enough.

* - rather than post the usual fireworks/drunken toast/people photos that most post for a New Years' related post, here's my very sparkly ass. Since I feature in most other pictures from the night - and I look fat, bloated and drunk in all of them - I've decided to show off my wonderously sparkly dress that I bought in September and have been dying to wear since. It hid the bloat nicely and provoked much drunken interest in its' sparkliness. Thank you Primark.



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