Saturday, January 20, 2007

Step aside, MySpace

...For my heart belongs to facebook. While I maintain a myspace profile, I now spend most of my time on facebook. One of the weirdest and yet most compelling components of the whole internet networking thing is that you can find out what people are up to without talking to them. This applies in particular to those who you probably knew from school, weren't that great friends with then and probably won't be now but you add purely for the sheer hell of it.

While conversation and wall-to-walling will be thin on the ground, it is possible to peer into those peoples' lives (and they, into yours) without so much as a text. It's a bizarre phenomenon. And they wonder why humans are becoming more anti-social? Why bother going through the apparent ordeal of meeting up with anyone when you can socialise online from the comfort of your computer, in your pyjamas and without the public transport journey home? I suppose it works, if you enjoy never leaving your home.

But yes, myspace is so 2006. Get with the plan and facebook.


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