Monday, January 08, 2007

TV land is rife with desperation

Clearly, January is a slow month for TV. The only choices worth even considering at 10pm are Wife Swap or She Stole My Foetus. Before you say it, I won't entertain the idea of Russell Brand on Big Brother's Big Mouth as entertainment - having my wisdom teeth out was funnier.

I'll weigh in on this year's Celebrity Big Brother when it raises itself above the level of moron-ism that is sending in Jade Goody and her faaah-mily. Well done Endemol. No, really. Give the idiot who came up with that idea the remainder of his lobotomy and let him run free in a field, ignorant to the fact that he is indeed a fool and let us all hope the next two and a half weeks fly by so that we can all forget this entertainment disaster as quickly as possible.


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