Thursday, February 15, 2007

Culture Vulture

This week, I have crammed in more cultural matter than most weeks. I started my culture feast on Tuesday, when I went to the opening night of Ferdyurke at the Bloomsbury Theatre, which was an amazing performance with a great use of space and sets but unfortunately, my lack of knowledge when it comes to Polish history meant that much of the play was a bit lost on me.

Yesterday was the most exciting. At my work experience post, most of my time is spent doing returns, grouping clothes and dealing with harassed PRs. However, as its London Fashion Week, the chaos of previous weeks has finally been rewarded with one week of relative peace and returns as all of the editors have been out at the shows.

Yesterday, the quiet was broken when the unexpected happened. We, the lowly slaves, were rewarded with tickets to some shows. I got to go to Preen in the morning and then Biba in the afternoon, which was an amazing show. I got there just as the lights were going down which meant I did a lot of falling over and fumbling as I made it to my seat and took in my surroundings. I couldn't help but notice that there were lots of very rich Russian men in the audience with their girlfriends/mistresses, one of which I swear was Roman Abramovich but it was difficult to tell in the half light and I was worried that if I stared too long, one of the big burly guards would have me quietly removed.

Hanging around outside afterwards, trying to figure out where the nearest tube was, I saw Michelle Williams and then Vivienne Westwood - it was hard to miss her with her blue hair. Unfortunately, I'd neglected to remember my mobile that morning and I thought whipping out my actual camera would be a tad dramatic, so I let those pictures slide.

I did however (along with everyone else) record hefty amounts of the shows and as soon as I can get my ass in gear, I'll post up my video. It's not the best quality but my camera was meagre in comparison to some of the others.

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