Monday, February 05, 2007

In Local News

Another bomb, another rise on the terror threat level. Today, a letter bomb blew up at the Capita offices in central London. One woman, a postal worker at the offices, suffered minor injuries to her hands and stomach and they closed off huge swathes of London. No doubt, the terror-o-meter is straining at the end of red by now with steam coming out of all sides. Letter bombs are quite old-school, I remember the IRA using them in the 80s when I thought all terrorists wore black balaclavas, khaki combats and spoke with Irish accents.

Of course, these days, terrorist profiling casts a very different shadow. However, before Number 10 rushes off making all kinds of declarations, I'd like to point to somewhere a little more obvious. Capita is the company behind TV licensing, the Congestion Charge and Council tax. So it could be virtually anyone in London, or indeed outside it but the CC adds to my London dweller theory. I'm personally backing a Tory-liberal-Kensington-and-Chelsea-(tractor)-driver with strong views on not paying for the BBC and Council tax inflation.



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