Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday.

Another Monday over. After my recent out of character frenzy of posting, I have once again resumed haphazard service. It's been a busy few days, so here's my excuse (and subsequent tangent paragraph) for each:

Thursday - when an inch of snow falls in London, panic descends - the trains can't cope, the roads crawl and people fall down a lot. So when 10cm fell last Thursday, you'd have thought the apocalypse had been and gone. Too exhausted.

Friday - styled another shoot. I was up at the crack of dawn in order to make my car. The previous day's snow meant chaos still reigned and chaos is tiring, you know.

Saturday - recovering from Thursday and Friday and errands. And to get away from the great indoors, we decided to experience one of our local pubs. A cultural experience, soon to be recounted on a night I have nothing else to blog about. We stayed for the football before moving onto more desirable climes with my friend Holly.

Sunday - Hangover and return of the parental.

And that rounds up my excuse/apology part of the blog.

On a completely different matter, I mentioned my friend Holly above. Today is the four year anniversary of our travelling experience, as documented in the OZblog. She reminded me earlier and its made me go all misty eyed at all the beaches we lay on, all the local drink we drank and all of the trouble we got ourselves into. I just wish I could afford to do it all again, just with better accomodation.

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