Friday, March 23, 2007

Unemployment Day 19

I had hoped to use my 100th post for something slightly more worthy than ranting but needs must. A few days ago, getting ready to go and meet some friends for drinks, I decided to slap on some Touche Eclat under my eyes as I was looking a bit sleep deprived. I had a little burning under my eyes as I put it on but ignored it and chalked it up to some dry skin.

Wednesday morning I wake up and the skin under my eyes is a bit sore. Again, shrug it off and blame it on the ensuing hangover. By yesterday, the skin had swollen and gone a little red, so before I went to bed I whacked some super moisturiser on the skin under my eyes and thought nothing more of it, convinced the problem would heal itself.

This morning, I woke up and it looks like someone's punched me. Granted, the area surrounding my eye isn't purple, green or yellow but it's a very angry, very swollen red, particularly under my right eye. Great. I have two parties to go to this weekend and will either have to resort to wearing sunglasses indoors at night (and looking like an idiot) or show my hideous elephantine eye in all it's glory (and look like something you see on I will spare those of you with weak stomaches the photographic evidence, I'd hate to be responsible for anyone losing their lunch.

Bad Touche Eclat, bad!

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