Monday, April 23, 2007

Camden Crawl(ing home)

Another weekend, another imbalance in the ears. Friday night, all very last minute, I ended up at the Camden Crawl after work. Having absolutely no idea who was playing and where, I was at the mercy of my boyfriend. We ended up in the Oh! Bar to watch Flood of Red, YourCodeNameis:Milo and Biffy Clyro. Unfortunately, Biffy didn't end up going on until sometime around 1am, by which point we'd left, feet notwithstanding standing with no moving in the very rammed venue. Anyway, on with the pictures. First up, Flood of Red (again). Please note the man in the front row who apparently wants to be Russell Brand - not only is he sporting RB's trademark backcombed hairdo, he was squeezed into skinny jeans, cravat and waistcoat. Anyway, photos:

Russell-Brand-man left after FOR, which was a shame. I swear I've seen him at other FOR gigs, although the over-familiarity could've just been caused by his hair. With him gone, it was YourCodeNameIs:Milo's turn to entertain me and entertain me, they did. Anyone who isn't entertained by a man playing guitar whilst wearing a pantomimie horse's head should question what truly does entertain them:

I'll post videos eventually, once I've regained the hearing in my ears.

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