Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Since I'm pretty tired and can't imagine I'll be up to writing a long entry, I'll say that I've been busy, which is kind of true. Friday night we went to see Flood of Red, Kids in Glass Houses and The Blackout. In my bright rainbow dress and yellow shoes, I stood out in the mainly emo crowd like a great big beacon of clownishness. So now, to some pictures:

Random dude's really cool hair

The crowd, all of whom were at least half a decade younger than me. There were also 3 teenage girls, no older than 13, who were sharing one pair of sunglasses, taking it in turns to wear them in this dark, dark venue. Very cool.

Sunday, we went to a pub by the river because like all English people, we have to make the most of the sun, when it so rarely appears. By make the most of, I mean binge drink, get sunburnt and maybe a touch of sunstroke too. This also means that most of my photos from then are bizarre, over-exposed images of my friends' drunken gurning. But there was a funny boat/car thing that a guy kept whizzing around in on the river so when I download more photos from my camera, I'll post them, along with the coolest lift in the world.

I bet you're intrigued now.

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