Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunny style

On recent shopping adventures, I have noticed something. Maybe you have noticed this oddity too. Perhaps you are guilty of the oddity yourself. Ambling around Selfridges last weekend, on a mission to get my boyfriend some new trainers, I noticed something, or rather someone, odd. A woman was sitting on the stools as her own boyfriend meandered amongst the displays choosing shoes, wearing dark sunglasses, indoors. Now, as dazzling as the concession's back wall may have been, it did not warrant sunglasses. Nor did the overhead lighting. All around us, people browsed; some with sunglasses on top of their heads or tucked into the necks of their t-shirts, some without but noone else wore sunglasses indoors amongst us.

As you may remember from some of my previous posts, I have a thing about people wearing sunglasses. Not that I dislike sunglasses, far from it. I own at least 15 pairs and am always gurning over others that I am yet to add to my collection or admiring others on passersby. But I also believe in discipline when wearing them. Perched on top of the head or worn as a hairband indoors during sunny days, fine. Summer, when they become a whole new level of accessory, ditto. But in the dark or indoors... I'm sorry but you look like a tool.

I'm sure some of you are by now disgruntled and mumbling about the possibilities of blindness, eye disorders and so forth. Fair enough. I too considered this but it was quickly dismissed when I recognised that the sunglasses she was wearing were Gucci and somehow I don't think they've yet branched out into medicinal purpose black out glasses. The theory was further backed up when the lady in question got quickly up to point her boyfriend to some shoes that had caught her eye.

For the approximately twenty minutes or so that we were there, those sunglasses never once left the bridge of the woman's nose. And for twenty minutes or so, I stared at this woman. I apologise if I creeped her out but I found her behaviour so odd that I couldn't tear my eyes away.

However, she was not the only one afflicted with this habit. Later, downstairs in the Topshop concession, I was flicking through some rails when two teenage girls who could not have been older than 14 tripped in through the doors in matching Nicole Richie tribute outfits and large oversize sunglasses perched on their tiny noses. They were clearly incredibly pleased with themselves and their ability to copy, down to the tiniest detail, the skeletal waif's style and yes, they looked great. As they breezed through, wafting a faint smell of sick in their wake, they made no effort to remove the giant bug sunglasses from their faces. Quite how they didn't trip or knock into anything, I'll never know.

And ladies, just because Nicole Richie does it - or Lindsay Lohan, Britney or any other number of vacuous LA souls do it - it does not make it cool. In fact, it just makes you look rather silly in the eyes of us (non-wearing-sunglasses-indoors) mere mortals.

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