Sunday, April 08, 2007

The week that was

Firstly, Happy Easter to all those celebrate it. To those who don't, Happy Bank Holiday Weekend.

Before I am accused of running off into the sunny weather, never to be seen again, I feel it only fair that I am allowed to plead my case. Since our technical crisis not that long ago, I have been thrown to an internet Siberia. I have now resorted to using our iMac and its weird feeling keyboard where the @ is not where it should be. I am by nature a creature of habit and find the whole business frustrating, jabbing relentlessly at the wrong keys.

I could use the computer at work but I'm not sure it's allowed and I'd rather not be reprimanded for inappropriate internet behaviour. It was bad enough last week when I tried to access a PR company's website and for some inexplicable reason, it registered on our system as porn. Cue much red faced emailing to the IT guys, persuading them that I'm not a pervert, I'm just trying to do my job. Great.

My first week as a fully fledged intern went more or less smoothly, bar the incident with a package full of clothes not arriving at a shoot destination on time but sometimes, stuff like that is out of your control. Unless someone officially accompanies the stuff there, you just have to keep your fingers crossed and pray that customs doesn't screw you over.

Thankfully, apart from that, I've been broken in gently with the two four-day weeks that we have now and the sun has definitely eased the pain of full time employment. Basking for an hour in the local park can make even the most horrible day just that little bit better and having an entire four days off has done wonders for my mood and my pallour - I refuse to alternate between pastiness and the dodgy orange fake tan smears on my ankles any longer.

And now, since I can no longer bear this crazy narrow keyboard, here's a new batch of photos:

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