Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Fortnight in Pictures

So, I've been away a while - I've surrendered my laptop to the boyfriend and temporarily taken in my mother's Mac while the spare room is redecorated. As such, I've been forced to befriend the Mac, previously my nemisis. I am a Windows sucker and no matter how many more people tell me Macs are better, I will not surrender my right for my computer to crash whenever it feels like it. However, I must admit that when forced to confront my hatred, I found that it subsided somewhat - provided I have a mouse with a right click, the Mac is not quite so evil as I would believe it to be and I must admit, I looks lovely perched on my newly clean desk. Unfortunately, I still can't get to grips with the weird keyboard but it's a case of one step at a time. Anyway, on with what the title says, a fortnight in photos with a little commentary, since otherwise the photos would look even weirder.

One of the most important moments in the last two weeks has been the epic cleaning of the desk. Since I moved home last year, my desk has becoming a dumping ground for all of the papers I mean to file, half-full mugs and trinkets from my handbag. That was, until the Mac came to stay. Determined that once and for all I would be able to see the actual surface of my desk, I spent a Sunday afternoon clearing, chucking and decluttering to the delight of my mother, who's watched the mountain grow in despair.

Here's the end result:

While it's still pretty chaotic, at least it's now contained chaos.

Last Monday, I went to watch The Sound Ex at Metros. Although they were first band on, we stayed for the other bands. The final band of the night contained a dude who dressed up in a floral sprig dress (how Pete Doherty) and some fairy lights, who plugged himself in for the last song and got much wooping from me - although I must point out that this was after several drinks, which will usually make me woop with little persuasion.

On Saturday, we went out to meet some friends for drinks and the star attraction once more occurred towards the end of the night after several drinks when we noticed a Stag Beetle under our table. We city folk were fascinated by this giant beast of an insect, whereas the boyfriend - raised in the country - raised an eyebrow at our intense (and admittedly drunken) interest in the 'little' creature crawling under our chairs. I say 'little' because this thing was HUGE and had pincers as long as my thumb, capable of grabbing the chair leg:

Shortly after, the Beetle was forced onto an ashtray and adopted by another drunken man at another table, keen on grossing out his girlfriend. I hope she forgives us.

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