Saturday, June 16, 2007

So, you think you're cool, do you?

Before, I forget, I would like to post an open comment to the over-styled twats in the queue behind me at Gareth Pugh's show last night. If you want to comment on my shoes, either do it in your own time or if you must verbalise within earshot, do it to my face. Although, it would take some nerve when one of you is wearing Vivienne Westwood 12 inch heels that she can barely walk in and the rest of you have some of the sillies haircuts I've ever seen.

Anyway, Gareth Pugh. But for the grace of god, I managed to acquire some tickets to go and gawk at the V&A after work yesterday. It was a wicked show but unfortunately, I couldn't use flash so the majority of my photos are slightly motiony or dark.

Having experienced what Donny Darko would make given a sewing machine and several metres of black latex, we de-camped to the most anti-fashion-crowd pub we could find within walking distance to balance out the levels of bitchy fashion pretentiousness and for a very large glass of wine each to numb our fury. Grr. I will post a photo of my supposedly 13 year old shoes.

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