Monday, August 20, 2007

A pain in the ass foot

I think it's fair to say that tonight has simply not been my evening. First, we got home from the supermarket, dragged the bags to the kitchen and I picked up one to place it on the counter. As I went from handles to contents a very heavy glass Kopparberg (peary nectar of the gods) dropped out, landed on my little toe and shattered into millions of tiny splinters. So, not only did it hurt like hell, I had a massive mess to clean up and soggy shoes.

Later, loading the dishwasher after dinner, I forgot that one of the heavy knives was already on the little shelfy thing on the glass level - can you see where I'm going with this? - and of course, I lifted up the shelf to put in a bowl and the knife tumbled out and landed staight across my other foot. Knowing how sharp the knife was and considering how much the blow had hurt, I wasn't entirely sure if I should expect bleeding. Thankfully, it appears it was the blunt side that landed on me and I can simply add a narrow line to my collection of bruises.



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