Monday, September 17, 2007

Faaah-bulous, darling!

So, it's only Monday but already it's been a busy week. I rarely wake before 11am on weekends but this past weekend I made an exception and rolled out of bed at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday for the wonder that is London Fashion Week. Twice a year, all of the hard slog and low pay are finally made up for when you get to go to shows. A lot of people complain when shows run late but I love the opportunity to scope out those around me and their tribes. A few of my favourites:

Peacocks - In every fashion crowd, there are always peacocks - those who preen, pout and generally look faaah-bulous in huge dark glasses in the front row. Often seen alternating between their Crackberry and crashing cheeks with other fabulous individuals.

East end club kids - excruciatingly skinny jeans, crazy trainers, big rude boy hat and cool indie band t-shirt. Shemagh scarf optional. Try to look nonchalant whilst wearing copious amounts of neon.

Japanese journos - a wonderful breed, no matter how peculiar the outfit, they look so cute you just want to put them in your pocket. One who I've seen at a couple of the shows I've been to particularly captures my interest with his leggings, shorts and jogging trainers combos.

I will write more later this week and I'll also start taking pictures. I've forgotten my camera for every show I've been to so far. However, right now, Fashion Week has left me pooped and hungry. For every stick-like model I see, I want to eat a cheese burger on their behalf.

Mmm, cheese burger...

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