Thursday, September 27, 2007

Incidental art

I meant to blog when I got back from Truck Fest but exhaustion, another gig and several other factors conspired against me. For once, the gig we went to last night was not one of my boyfriend's work related ones that I often end up at but rather one that I instigated and insisted on going to. It was Reykavik Nights, a bi-monthly Icelandic music night at the Luminaire. I went along primarily to check out Hafdis Huld, a singer-songwriter who was headlining. I wasn't really all that into the first two bands, the Motion Boys and another one whose name I've already forgotten. Shows how much I liked them, right?

Unfortunately, I didn't really get any good photos as there was a really really tall guy right at the front of the crowd, directly in front of me who kept leaning down to talk to his girlfriend and thereby blocked my view from every angle. Clearly, he chose to ignore the signs stencilled across the walls of the venue, like this one:

I love a good sign or scribbling in an unexpected place and the loos at the Luminaire are a veritable gold mine of interesting graffiti. The first time I went, I didn't take my bag so I couldn't take any photos but I went back later after a hefty dose of dutch courage, which believe me you need if you want to take photos in a public toilet and ignore the weird looks from other people.

Anyway, onto a couple of my favourites from the night. Unfortunately, some are a bit blurry as I was drunk and trying not to use flash in order to avoid any extra attention.

I love this one, it reminded me of Post Secret but obviously without the postcard element.

Those were all the ones I could take photos of in the safe confines of the cubicle. There were so many more that I noticed but couldn't take photos of for fear of being labelled a weirdo. I did, however, get plenty of photos at Truck - which I will post, along with anecdotes, next time.

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