Friday, September 21, 2007

Snippets and Snapshots

Well, you didn't think I'd make four days in a row, did you? That's just a tad optimistic. On Wednesday, I finally remembered to charge my camera and put it in my bag, so I got a few photos at the Ashish show although most of them are blurred.

I love this photo though. The sound of thirty camera shutters going off as the model walks down the catwalk is incredible. You wouldn't think that you'd be able to hear it over the booming soundtrack but its just a very quiet sound that pervades over everything.

But fashion week's over and while I now regret not going to some of the parties but fuck it, there's always next year. You won't get any more posts from me for the next few days as I'm finally off to Truck Fest, which got delayed by a month owing to the floods in August. Whilst I go off and frolic in a field, please entertain yourselves with a photo of my two dachshunds dressed up in their winter walk sweaters for our drunken amusement last week*.

(*Please note, no dogs were harmed in the shooting of this photo)

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