Saturday, October 27, 2007

...And where are my white towels?

Those of you who've hung around long enough may remember that back in August, I won the chance to be Capital's Culture Vulture for a day. It's a daily prize for listeners, all you do is fill out a form on the website, point and click. Producers pick someone and that person makes a fool of themselves in two or three voxpops but gets a night out to something cool in return. Done deal.

The Culture Vulture that I won was slightly different in not only did I win tickets to Metro Weekender, in addition I won a list of other cool stuff too. That was two months ago. On Thursday, the final bits of a hastily cobbled together prize were finally sent over. Now, I know I may sound like a spoiled bitch but all is not quite as it should be with my prize. I humiliated myself to a drive time audience and I feel that somehow, I've been slightly robbed under the trade descriptions act - not to mention the fact that I had to chase them endlessly after being told that my prize would arrive within a week. I was meant to win a duplicate of The Streets rider:

-Bottle of Vodka
-Bottle of Jack Daniels
-Crate of Beer (presumably Carlsberg, who sponsored the event)
-Swatch watches (note plural)
-Video game
-Wrangler wear
-White towels

What I actually got:
-Bottle of Vodka
-Bottle of Jack Daniels
-12 cans of Fosters (now forgive me but I always assumed a crate is 24 cans, no? I personally didn't care but the boyfriend was a tad disappointed)
-Fifa 08 and some other game (both for XBox360, which I do not own, ergo useless and soon to be ebayed or the such like and put towards the Wii fund)
-Novelty gold Swatch watch (singular, truly hideous. Will also go the way of video games)
-Pair of Wrangler jeans (not a pair I would've picked but not bad)

I also personally delighted in the fact that they'd clearly asked the work experience to bag it up and hadn't bothered to take it out of the Tesco carrier bags. In all fairness, whilst it has been delayed and delayed, they threw in a bunch of Rumble Strips stuff which was blatantly in someone's desk pile but at least it's the thought that counts.

I'll even forgive the lack of white towels.

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