Thursday, January 17, 2008

Young, broke and in love.

There is nothing worse than being broke, except being broke and perving over Topshop's website. It breaks my heart. There is SO much stuff I want to buy and no money to buy it with, especially after having to blow what was left of my birthday money on a new battery for my car after the old one gave in from the cold.


Until recently, for the last two months, I have avoided as many forms of shopping as I could. I even avoided Primark for fear of having cheap-items-must-buy-more syndrome and going a little crazy. I finally caved and visited Topshop on my lunch break the other day to buy some new black boots since mine are on their last legs. Since then, all resolve has blown straight out of the window and I am once again allowing my eye to wander.

Let me share with you what I want to buy:

As you can see, I like monochrome. Unfortunately, my bank manager doesn't, so I'll have to quench my shopping appetite with these little beauties instead:

At £15, I can probably just about afford these. I LOVE them. I know they're basically the Lolita glasses but they have an awesomeness behind them. Tomorrow, they WILL be mine. Oh yes.

I look forward to the day I once more have a salary and can rejoice in shopping again. I really do.



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