Sunday, February 10, 2008

LFW - day one

The fashion circus has rolled into London and what better reason can there be for running back and forth across London all day in ridiculously high shoes for six days. It all kicked off this morning at the BFC tent with Paul Costelloe, which amazingly, I ended up in the front row for. I'm not entirely sure how I swung it but hey, front row is front row.

Annoyingly, my camera decided that this was the perfect opportunity to pack up and cease working, meaning that my photos are somewhat limited today. I will charge and be prepared for tomorrow. Anyway, back to the show - I really liked the first half - lots of nipped in waists, contrasting textures and cute feminine silhouettes. The second half was disappointing; the fabrics looked cheap and the final dress, a shiny cream brocade strapless dress that was short at the front and long at the back, made the model look like she was wrapped in a duvet. I'll add images to illustrate my point at a later date when they're posted online.

Next up, with time to kill (since I had no ticket for Jean-Pierre Braganza) I hit the exhibition stands to look around and check out the smaller brands, accessories and jewellery. Lots of lovely things but with no camera, it means I'll have to go back tomorrow to click away for my records.

After browsing the stands and a quick coffee, I went to see the Caroline Charles show. The cool thing about the show was that they had a live band playing to accompany the models. Unfortunately, it's not great when the music is the highlight of a show. Then again, maybe it's just me - the clothes weren't to my taste; they were a bit too velvety and sparkly, very much for the Sloane Ranger market. If you factor in the small cute girls that accompanied the models, it was definitely one for the Yummy Mummy market.

Below is the only usable photo I managed to take today:

I found it odd that both shows finished with a bridal themed dress. Last season, none of the shows I went to (at least, in my memory) featured wedding dresses. With today's offerings, I would've preferred it if that had remained the case. I was meant to head to more this afternoon but the effort of having to get up at 8am on a Sunday morning has incapacitated me and I want to be fresh for tomorrow.

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