Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holidays and Handbags

I've been meaning to post since we got back from vacation but somehow, I just didn't get round to it, probably because there isn't that much to tell. I never found my silver sandals which pissed me off but I got over it once we hit the warmer shores of Gran Canaria. We ended up booking on the Thursday and going on the Saturday, much to the relief of my mother who was bouncing off the walls with frustration at the lack of our ability to secure anything for our budget.

Admittedly, it wasn't like our last holiday in Cyprus, which was civilised affair in a very nice hotel. This time around, due to the blasted messed up Easter holidays, meant that our money didn't stretch as far and we were in very basic but nonetheless pleasant accomodation. The same could equally be said about our guests. We were surrounded by a range of interesting tattoos, bald heads and pastel coloured clothing for the duration. We'd been looking forward to eating Spanish food but were out of luck as the restaurants in the medium sized complex all served varying combinations of pizza, steak, pasta, kebab and prawn cocktail which made for an interesting and varied diet at vastly over inflated prices.

Of course, the other thing that we Brits go abroad for is the chance to drink oversized novelty cocktails and locally produced beers at low prices. We spent our first night binging on San Miguel and dodgy blue drinks and managed to spend most of our money on that and the ever intensifying games of pool. Unfortunately, this meant that not only did we have killer hangovers the next day, we were also distinctly poorer. But the fact that it was 30C every day made up for whatever the holiday lacked and I only burnt myself a few times. Hurrah!

Now, on a completely different topic, as some of you may know, I'm slightly obsessed with handbags. My limitations in the world of shoes mean that handbags are my accessory of choice. My latest obsession is the Chanel 2.55 bag. When I first started working in fashion, I didn't really understand why so many people were obsessed with Chanel but slowly, I too have been brainwashed to love those interlocking Cs on padded quilting. I've spent the evening drooling over ebay and am now on a mission to hit up every charity shop in the richer suburbs until I find one. I know it's laughable but a friend of mine found one for £20 in an Oxfam and now I am determined to repeat her success. Wish me luck.



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